The Back2Life® Certified Reconditioning Process

Certified Reconditioned BACK2LIFE®s are units that have been returned by retailers for any number of reasons, then extensively tested and repackaged by Factory-Certified Technicians for re-sale at a discounted price. While these machines may have minor scratches or imperfections on their exterior as a result of their inspection process, Certified Reconditioned units operate just as well as new BACK2LIFE®s, and contain all of the necessary parts and accessories at a fraction of the cost.

To qualify for sale as a Certified Reconditioned BACK2LIFE®, units must pass a multi-point inspection and evaluation process to ensure that they function every bit as well as brand new units.

Certified Reconditioned BACK2LIFE® units are backed by a 90-day Limited Warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials, excluding cosmetic blemishes. Remember to activate your 90-Day Limited Warranty at


Factory-trained technicians:

  1. Receive units at the BACK2LIFE® Reconditioning Facility
    • Separate all parts by type
    • Destroy broken or significantly damaged parts
  2. Inspect the Unit
    • Examine unit for scratches, dents, or mechanical imperfections
    • Replace all "warning" or “damaged” usage labels
    • Verify machine is free of debris
    • Assign and validate the unit’s barcode
    • Inspect and test the power cord
  3. Visually Inspect Units
    • Ensure units are free of dirt or other debris and re-clean if necessary
    • Ensure unit is level and stable according to factory standards
  4. Test Mechanics
    • Verify that motor / height adjustment is operational and consistent in providing Continuous Passive Motion
    • Perform Load tests to ensure unit operates within normal range
  5. Repackage Unit
    • Repackage all parts in a new box
    • Inspect repacked boxes to ensure all parts and accessories are present