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Real People. Real Results.

Ernesto S., Florida
"Before I purchased your machine my doctor told me I needed surgery to straighten my back. Well, after
using the machine for one and a half weeks it is almost unbelievable, I can actually see my back lining up and
the lump I have sticking out of my back is almost gone. I cant wait for my appointment and see the look on
my doctor's face when he sees me. He told me that I needed surgery to straighten it placing two wires along
my spine. Thank you,it is like a small miracle. I didn't get the extended warranty and I know that if something
happened to my Back2Life I'll be lost without it. Thank you."

Laura W., Arizona
"I just wanted to tell you that this is the best machine. I have never been able to get out of a chair without
severe lower baqck pain. Thank you for inventing this. I can't believe I don't have any more pain and it has
only been three days. I'm 58 years old and have a bulging and herniated disk around L3/4/5 & S1. I am so
much more limber now. Thanks from a very satisfied customer."

Von G., New Jersey
"I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I don't quite understand how it works nor do I
really care. I just care THAT IT WORKS!!! I am able to live a normal life full opf mobility because of Back2Life."

Jane S., Nova Scotia
"I purchased one of your back machines and it works wonders. I have had a disc explode twice with needed
surgery twice, and 1 more exploded about a year after those surgeries. I was put on disability with severe leg
pain due to nerve damage as well as in my feet, not to mention back pain. I was not able to sit, stand or
sleep for very long. I weaned myself off of all the pain medication, but still suffered great pain. It gives me
relaxation and does wonders for the pain. Since I received your Back2Life, my pain level has decreased, I
sleep longer and better, and even sit, stand and walk for longer periods than I have in the past 5 years. I do
recommend this to anyone that will listen. Thanks so much."

Nancy M., New Hampshire
"I ordered your Back2Life Machine. I've had back pain for a long time. Oh by the way my name is Nancy M
and I am 61 years old. I used your machine the second day I got it. It helps my back so much. I've had the
machine onbe month and a few days. I can now sit down longer and when I go to bed my back doesn't hurt.
I feel so good and I'm not on medication at all!! Thank you."

Brian J., Utah
"I bought your back 2 life machine a few weeks ago and have been using it twice a day and my wife has
used it a few times too when her lower back has been bothering her. I just wanted to let you know the
machine works and that it has been helping me with not having as much back pain as I use to. I just wanted
to Thank You for the back 2 life machine as it really works and does what it's supposed to do for me and my

Eric L., California
"Dear Back2Life Team,

I purchased your product about three weeks ago after seeing a late night infomercial and am a huge skeptic
of things that I see on TV!

I am writing to tell you how satisfied and amazed I am at the relief your product has brought me at minimal

I am currently 46 years old and ruptured my L5S1 disc back in the late 1980's lifting weights. I had back
surgery in 1999 (Micro Discectomy) which helped temporarily until I resumed my normal active life style.

I have been in pain for many years since re-injuring the same disc that was previously operated on and have
tried everything imaginable to relieve the pain including the following.....

1. Bought a $6,000 fully adjustable latex mattress bed with vibrating massage and the works.
2. Chiropractors / Who temporarily relive pain but want you to see them three times a week.
3. Neurosurgeons / Who want to operate.
4. Epidurals which they have to put you in an unconscious state to administer. I hate IV's!
5. Spinal decompression machines at back therapy centers.
6. Cold laser treatment recently approved by the FDA
7. Vicodin & Norco

I was previously unable to sleep through the night without taking Norco or Vicodin and often woke up in the
early morning hours between 3AM-5AM in pain needing to take more. After taking the second dose it was
very hard to get up in the morning as I was groggy from the drugs.

I also often would abandon my wife in the middle of the night and go sleep in another room because my
tossing and turning would wake her up. I would go in the other room to suffer alone!

Since the third treatment using the Back2Life machine I am now sleeping through the night pain free and the
best part is that I quit taking pain killers all together! My liver is loving this!

I have this miracle in my closet and can use it whenever I want!

I no longer have to make appointments to see pain relief doctors and sit in the waiting room with a whole
bunch of other people who are trapped on an endless cycle of temporary relief.

Your product has changed my life and others that I have shared my story with that have gone on to purchase
this wonderful machine! They too have had similar results!

I am forever grateful and would be happy to be one of your on TV testimonials!!!!!

Feel free to contact me any time or others that are skeptical!

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of my happy spine!"

Bonita P., Florida
"WOW!!!!!!! Thank you Sooo much for inventing this little Life Saver...
The 2nd day I got it- I got up in the morning & put it together & got down on the floor & let it do it's thing.
OH My GAWD!!!!
I go to bed every night with pain in my lower back & wake up with the pain.
When I was on it for less then a few second's my lower back was popping.
I have Osteoarthritis in my spine & Osteoperosis & Osteoporosis in my hip's.
I just wanted to let you know this lil machine is a god send.
Thank you so much..
Now maybe my Golf game will improve."

Anonymous, Web Post
"I just want to tell you that "The Product" is amazing. I have had a bad back for 10 years and after having to
quit my job a few years ago. After one week of using this product I can clean my home and do all kinds of
stuff I could not do a week ago. It you ever need a spokesperson for this product I am more than willing to
testify to the product. I am getting my life back and that means a lot I have had shots in my back to almost
having surgery. But now woo hoo You have saved my life and given it back to me I can't thank you enough. I
have family members that can benefit from this product and I am going to get them to buy one for themselves.
Thank you Thank you."

Debra D., Web Post
"I watched an info commercial this morning about the Back2Life machine which is supposed to stop back
pain. It's supposed to gently realign the spine and ease the tension of muscles around the spine. It sounds
too good to be true, but if it really works, it could probably really help to relieve sciatica. Right now, I'm seeing
a chiropractor for it but it takes a long time for results, and they're only temporary. If you know anything about
the Back2Life machine, please let me know. Thanks,

Hi Deb,
I just received my Back2Life machine a couple of days ago. I have severe low back pain and stiffness. I have
used it several times and it does seem to work very well, I have experienced great relief. I will continue to use
and let you know if my back continues to improve.

Anonymous., Web Post
"I have one and it has given me some real relief. Don't get me wrong though, the pain does come back
sometimes. I do think it has really helped with my stress level. Is it worth the $220? For me it is, nothing else
seems to work for me. I'm sure it's a different experience for everyone. Give it a try, if you don't like it you can
send it back within 30 days."

Scott, Texas
"A long time ago I was climbing a rock wall at [   ] and the bilayer got careless and just let me drop when I
let go. I dropped six feet to the ground really fast and my back just wouldn't stop hurting even after three
months. Then I heard About this Back2Life and I bought it. I used it a couple times and my back felt a whole
lot better. I am now able to be more active."

Careibow., Web Post
"I've got degenerative disk disease at L5/S1, arthritic disks throughout the lumbar region, and severe
impingement of both nerve roots. Was told cortisone wouldn't work and would need RF ablation, but I didn't
want the invasive procedure. Wanted to try SpineMed decompression, but at $200 a session every day for a
month (not covered by insurance) with no guarantee, there was no way I could do it. Have been seeing a
chiropractor since 10/08 and it helped for awhile then made it worse. I received the Back2Life at the end of
January. After 3 weeks, I had noticed only slight improvement. They gave me a 2 week extension (until 3/15)
for no additional charge and suggested that I use ankle weights. I didn't get them, but do wear work boots
for the extra weight.

My back still bothers me some, especially when I've been working in the garden, etc., but now when it hurts,
I do one or two stints on the machine and the pain is mostly gone. A miracle would have been nice, but I
didn't expect one and am happy with the results. I'll be buying 2 more of them for friends and family. By the
way, as someone previously mentioned, the position and movement is a standard pelvic tilt exercise that
chiro's often recommend for relief of back pain. The machine does it for me, and most of the time I fall asleep
on the floor while it's working. Very relaxing. No silver bullet, but combined with walking, custom orthotics in
my shoes,and an occasional ice pack before using the machine when I'm really sore, my back is greatly

A few days ago I noticed that I'm not getting radiating sciatica pain (radiating down my right leg) when I get
out of bed in the morning, either. So it really does work, and I don't think $200 is a lot for this kind of relief.
The machine is well constructed, the literature is well written in ENGLISH, and the DVD that comes with it is
really helpful. I think the company is "first class"."

The Kardlady., Web Post
"I recently purchased this machine called Back2Life which is for those suffering lower back pain from any
disorder. The machine gives passive movement to the lower back and after just a few sessions on it I found it
was helpful. I've been seeing a Chiro every 3 weeks for the same kind of treatment - passive movement. His
machine is a little different but basically it does the same thing. It cost $199 plus tax. If anyone's interested
their phone number it is 1-800-338-2190. I saw their video commercial on TV - it comes with a DVD -
perhaps if you asked, they would send it beforehand so you could see how it works. You just lay on the floor
and put your knees up on the thing and turn it on - it rotates in an oval kind of motion which opens the spinal
area up for blood flow - the blood flow helps takes the pain away."

Ja., Texas
""I purchased the back 2 life for my shoulder pain as well as lower back pain - I am here to tell you - that after
a few days of use the pain in my shoulders has gone away - my back pain which was mild has disappeared -
I use it every other night for 12 minutes - and it has truly taken the pain away.
This product has worked for me! I would also like to add, that at the end of the day - you lay down for 12
minutes - you have no idea the amount of stress relief you feel - the stress just disappears and it relaxes you
so great. If the pain is not all gone the stress is - it's fabulous for me - I relax and forget about all the days
tensions in 12 minutes."

Frank, Captain, TWA
"Re: Back2Life User Testimonial.
To follow up our telephone conversation this afternoon, this is the very positive and beneficial initial use
experience that I had with the Back2Life machine:

* The last two nights (Sunday and Monday), and yesterday and today's mornings (Monday and Tuesday),
are the first two in many years, that I have NOT experienced ANY lower ('small area' of the back) back
discomfort after YEARS of lower back discomfort that has started while I was asleep each night, and was
there when I got up until yesterday's and today's mornings.
* I attribute my relief strictly to my use of the Back2Life Machine, having completed two / twelve minute
sessions yesterday (Monday), and the day before (Sunday).

My daughter, Melissa, is a licensed and practicing Occupational Therapist. She saw your Back2Life Machine
advertised on TV. She purchased it as a surprise for my wife and I, who both have back discomfort. Its use
helped both of us me most dramatically.

I'm a retired professional pilot. I started flying in 1955, at age 16, and flew for over 50 years -- until 2006.
I've enjoyed the cockpits of everything from little aircraft; to USAF Supersonic Fighters; to the Left Seat of
almost every airliner from DC-9's to 747's; to Corporate Jets. Except for nightly back discomfort -- that the
Back2Life has completely cured -- I've been in excellent health. The long periods of sitting as a pilot, most
certainly caused my back problems.

I can't thank your Company enough for coming up with the Back2Life. When Back2Life reworks/updates its
product presentation(s), I'd love to have the opportunity to offer my "First Person" testimonial to this fantastic

Captain, TWA"

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