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Back2Life Therapeutic Massager - 12 Minute Back Pain Solution
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How the Back2Life Works

The Back2Life uses a revolutionary technique, Continuous Passive Motion, to naturally ease lower back pain. The slow, rhythmic movement loosens tight muscles and releases the pressure between the vertebrae to relieve the pain. Continuous Passive Motion gently flexes your spine to ease away lower back pain.

Back2Life does the work for you!
  • Without aggressive pulling and kneading!

  • Without painful exercises and stretches!

  • Without expensive trips to the back pain specialist!

  • Using Back2Life is easy

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    In Just 12 Minutes, Two times a Day!

    For optimum results, we recommend two sessions a day. A 12 minute session in the morning and a 12 minute session in the evening. For severe back pain, you can use Back2Life more frequently throughout the day. Remember, even though you will not feel any drastic movements the slow, steady, motion gently stretches your spine, while loosening tight muscles and releasing the pressure between your vertebrae. How long this process will take depends on your back and the severity of your back pain... SO KEEP WITH THE PROGRAM... IT WORKS!

    Back2Life comes with a 17-page, full color Informational Brochure and User Manual. Click here to view a downloadable PDF version of this item and get a deeper understanding how Back2Life works.
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