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Back2Life Therapeutic Massager - 12 Minute Back Pain Solution
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About Dr. Marc Darrow

In my practice, I do everything I can to treat back pain naturally. I prescribe pain pills only as a last resort. So, after spending years looking for a REAL solution to chronic back pain, I was introduced to the Back2Life machine. I was so excited when I heard about the Back2Life because its the first machine I'd ever seen that treated lower back pain discomfort with Continuous Passive Motion. Which is a highly effective treatment that uses minimal, gentle, rhythmic movements to flex the spine.

You see, anyone who's ever had back pain knows, the last thing you want to do when your back is in pain is to move it around a lot. Tight muscles don't like to be pushed, pulled and stretched -- it hurts! This has always made it very difficult for me to get my patients to do the pressure releasing exercises and stretches they need to do to feel relief... because you cannot experience lasting relief until you release the pressure! We call this the Cycle of Pain.

That is why the Back2Life solution is so revolutionary... it does all the work! The gentle, rhythmic, back-and-forth/side-to-side motion eases the pressure out from between the vertebrae. Without any kneading and pulling - without any painful stretches and exercises.

With Back2Life, just lie back and relax for a 12 minute session and slowly, gently over time - you release the pressure and relieve the pain. This relief can happen after a day, a week... a month, it all depends on the individual and the amount of pressure that has built up in the vertebrae.
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Dr. Marc Darrow
Dr. Marc Darrow is a Board Certified Physiatrist specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
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